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Upon the Delivery of Your Vehicle

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Are you preparing yourself to ship a vehicle anytime soon? If you are then you have probably read up on all the steps you need to take before you ship your vehicle. But you might be a bit confused on what happens upon receiving your vehicle at its destination.

Before the shipping of your vehicle you will have to set up a pickup location to collect your car or truck. Although there isn’t an exact time to be there right up front due to possible delays, your vehicle transporter will be in communication with you through the journey to let you know exactly what time to pickup your vehicle.

It is very important for you to be on time to pickup your car. It is like the domino effect if one person is late to pickup their vehicle. Once they are late then it sets back the time it takes for the transporter to get the rest of the customers cars to them at the correct pickup time. To make things fair for everyone please be on time to collect your vehicle.

Upon the delivery of your vehicle you should inspect your car and make sure there is no damage that occurred during the shipping process.

Before your vehicle is shipped you will take note and records of any pre existing damage. When your car arrives make sure it looks the same as when it left your care.

If not then take photos and make a note of this with the transporter right when the car is delivered.

Doing this will make the process of filing a claim much smoother.

So keep in mind to be on time and prepared to check vehicle for damage at the time of the delivery.

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