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Three Auto Transport Myths, Busted

Are you in need of an auto transport company? If it is your first time shipping your vehicle you might be nervous and a little unsure. That is perfectly normal. We want to do our best to make you comfortable with using our vehicle transportation.

We want to bust a few myths about having your vehicle shipped.

Myth #1: It is always more expensive having your vehicle delivered to your door than having it delivered to a terminal.

Sometimes it is actually less expensive having your vehicle dropped off at your door because terminals often have fees for sheltering your car that are more expensive than the delivery to your door. Get a quote on both a terminal drop off and door drop off before making your decision.

Myth #2: Shipping on an open carrier will cause damage to your vehicle.

Yes, there is a risk of damage due to weather and road debris but the chances aren’t very high. Few cars really ever get damaged when being transported in open carriers. If there were a high risk to open carrier then major automobile manufactures wouldn’t use it as their main source of vehicle transportation.

While making your decision keep in mind that enclosed carriers typically costs 25-50% more.

Myth #3: The cost of vehicle transportation depends solely on miles traveled.

The cost of shipping depends on many elements. Some of these elements include the cost of gas, difficulty in pick up/drop off locations and if additional routes need to be added for a delivery.

When gas prices rise, so does the cost of shipping. Also, if you have a location that a driver has to go out of their way to get to that can affect the cost as well. Yes, mileage does come into play but say you are having a vehicle delivered in the mountains that might cost more than the same mileage for a location that is easier to get to.

If you are curious about how much it will be to transport your vehicle contact us today for a quote! Coast to Coast Auto Transport would love to help dispel any myths about vehicle transportation that you may have as well as find you an inexpensive way to get your vehicle where it needs to go!