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Showcasing Vintage Cars – Transport Them Safely

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As the years pass vintage and antique vehicles grow more and more valuable. Around the country there are shows that highlight these terrific vehicles. Many of the attendees belong to the Antique Automobile Club of America. This organization around since 1935 focuses on both preservation and enjoyment of classic vehicles. They range the gambit as it relates to styles, models and makes.

Transporting a vintage car to a show is a very delicate operation. It is important to find a transport company that understands the value of its cargo. At the same time, you want to ensure that your car is safe during the journey. You will need to look for companies that can accommodate your specific needs. Initial consultations can provide you with the answers that you want for your transport. Here are things to consider about moving vintage cars:

Cost of the Transport

The cost of transporting vintage vehicles will vary depending on the company. The services that you require will factor into this process, as well. The distance of the entire trip is another consideration. Depending on the final destination, these trips can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars. The cost will change if more than one vehicle is transported.

Safety over Speed

One objective of vintage car owners is to have their vehicles delivered safely. Speed is not the top concern. When you speak to potential companies, you must discuss your concerns. Booking services ahead of time is important. This allows you to have more time for the delivery process. Here are some concerns for speedy transports:

  • Body Damage
  • Paint Chips
  • Alignment Issues

Covered Options

Some companies offer customers covered vehicle options. This is one way to protect vehicles while they are in transit. There are generally several options in this category. It is important to remember that special services tend to cost more. The more prepared you are for your transport trip, the better your experience.

You may have a vintage race car or a Model T Ford. It doesn’t matter what the vehicle type. Shows are designed to present the beauty and class of the car. Transport is an essential part of this process. Owners want to ensure that their vehicles are handled with care and safety. Looking for professionals in this industry is the best way to keep your vehicle in pristine condition.