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How to Prepare for Your Car to Be Shipped

If you have future or current plans on shipping your vehicle then you are probably wondering how you need to prepare your car for its journey.

There are certain steps that need to be taken in order for you to ship your vehicle.

For your own protection before shipping your vehicle you will want to assess if there is any internal (engine) damage or external damage to your vehicle. While you are only 5% likely to experience any measurable damage to your vehicle you still need to be prepared. It is best if you are prepared. You can be prepared by taking these steps:

1.    Thoroughly wash your car. Take note of any chips, dents, scratches or other cosmetic damage

2.     Then take pictures (preferably that will have a time stamp on them) of any of the damage that you recorded

3.     You can email these pictures and notes to yourself or someone else so that it is on record that these notes were made before the shipment

This will be an assurance that if any damage is caused during the shipment of your vehicle that you will be able to file a proper claim, it will also speed up the claim process.

Before shipping your vehicle you should also remove all of your personal belongings from the inside and outside of the vehicle. By outside we mean any removable bumper stickers, car magnets or antenna decor.

Make sure you don't leave anything on the inside of your vehicle, whether it's CDs or lose belongings floating around. Most companies will not accept your vehicle if there is anything that is left on the inside. This prevents any type of conflict if there happens to be anything missing from your vehicle when it arrives to its destination.

Before shipping your vehicle you will want to take all of these steps to help protect your best interest as well as making the day of shipment run smoothly.

If you need any more information regarding how to prepare your vehicle for shipment or to receive a free quote then please contact us today! We look forward to hearing from you!