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Hiring the Right Auto Transport Company

There are many different choices and options to consider when you know that you have to transport your vehicle. Short of physically driving the car where it needs to go, there are some other options to consider. These include getting a trailer from U-Haul and getting your car hooked up in the back, getting a friend to drive it, or hiring a professional to come and get the job done.

While the other two options sound doable, they’re nowhere near as fool proof as hiring an auto transport company like Coast to Coast to get the job done. But once you have settled on this option to take care of your vehicle transport needs, how to choose the right company for the job? Although this takes a little bit of research, it’s not as tough as you think.

Follow these steps when choosing an auto transport vehicle:

Is the company insured? The first thing you should find out is if the company is insured. Any reputable company carries insurance and will provide proof of this when asked. This will insure you vehicles while they’re on the road, and if any damages or disasters should arise, your vehicle is covered.

Is it registered with the BBB? There are a few credible third party sources that can tell you if a business is legitimate, and the Better Business Bureau is definitely one of them. Look for the BBB rating and how recent the rating was given.  The BBB does a good job of letting you know which businesses should be trusted.

Does the company have good reviews? While the Better Business Bureau can tell you a lot about a company, you can learn a lot from consumers as well. Review sites like Yelp or Angie’s List are great resources to check out when you have narrowed your search to a few companies. Plenty of negative reviews can tell you steer clear of a certain company and choose another.

While finding the right company for the job can sometimes be overwhelming, the satisfaction that is realized when working with the right company is worth it.

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