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Use Car Transport Services

As with any decision you make in your life it’s best to understand why you should choose one side or another. The same goes for the decision of whether or not to use an auto transport company or drive your vehicle yourself.

Here are reasons why you should use auto transport services.

Auto Transport Tips

If you have made the wise decision to ship your car through an auto transport company instead of driving it then you still have a few more things you need to do aside from choosing the right company for you.

You need to prepare your vehicle for shipping. This can be done by:

Advantages of Auto Shipping

People use auto transport services for many reasons including:

  • Business relocation
  • Military assignment
  • Student attending college across the country
  • Online vehicle purchasing
  • “Snowbirds” who maintain seasonal residences in the Southeast & Northwest
  • Attempt to keep low mileage on a classic or antique car

No matter what reason you have for the need of transporting your car using auto shipping offers many advantages.

Among these advantages are:

Myth Busters Coast to Coast Style Part 2

If you are a first time user of car transport services you may feel uneasy and unsure of what you are getting yourself and your car into. But we would like to bust a few myths for you so you can sort through truth from what isn’t true and choose the best company possible to transport your car.

Myth 1: The only factor in the cost of auto shipping is the distance.

Yes, distance is a definite factor involved with the cost of auto shipping but it isn’t the only factor.

In the involvement of cost calculation there are three main influences.

How to Choose the Right Auto Transport Company for You

Your car is like a baby to you. You don’t want just anyone handling it. That’s why you won’t just pick the first company you find to transport it. Here is a list of things you can do to find an auto transport company that you can trust and one that isn’t outrageously priced.

1.     First off you should make the initial search for auto transport companies. Go to your favorite search engine and type in auto transport- the city or state you live in. Choose about ten of these companies and open up all of their sites in different tabs.

How to Make your Winter Move Easier

Planning on moving to a new state this winter? Sometimes moves come at the most inconvenient times and they’re out of your control. You may wish to wait till summer to make the move but sometimes it has to be done now.

With moving comes a list of things to do that is longer than Santa Claus’ good and bad list combined. These things include finding a new home, changing your address, finding a new doctor, dentist and church, sorting through, cleaning out and packing up your home just to move everything and unpack it in your new home.

How to Prepare your Car to be Shipped

Now that you’ve booked your transportation date and you know proper drop off and pick up locations it’s time to prep your car and make sure everything is ready to go for the big day.


1.     Clean your car and make sure all personal items are removed from the vehicle

2.     Make sure your gas tank isn’t more than ¼ full

3.     Make sure your vehicle is operable and has working breaks

4.     De-activate all call alarms