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Benefits of Using Auto Transport

There are many reasons why someone would choose to ship their vehicle by using an auto transport company. You might need to use an auto transport company if you are:

  1. Buying a car from a dealership hundreds of miles away or from online
  2. Selling a car to someone in another state
  3. Moving hundreds of miles away and prefer to fly to your destination instead of taking a long and tiresome road trip
  4. Getting ready to send a child away to college and don't want them making a cross country trip on their own
  5. A snowbird who moves often

If you can relate to any of these things then you might be in need of a company to ship your vehicle.

It might seem scary sending your vehicle off on it's own but we can assure you that it is very unlikely for any damage to occur to your vehicle. There is a better chance of it accruing damage if you take it on a road trip. 

Some of the benefits of shipping your vehicle rather than driving it include:

  • Saving money: Although it costs to ship your vehicle in the long run it is less expensive than a road trip. If you factor in the cost of gas, the cost of hotel for longer road trips, the cost of meals during your road trip and also the sporadic sight seeing and shopping along the way you are looking at a very pricey bill even if you do it the cheapest way possible. 
  • Saving time: Most people in the midst of a move do not have the time to drive across the country. If you ship your vehicle then you can fly and meet your vehicle at your destination (flying is normally more comfortable anyways).
  • Protects your vehicle: Long road trips can add tons of miles on your vehicle which means you are that much closer to engine repairs.
  • Less frustration: Road trips and everything you face on the way can be aggravating. Hiring someone to ship your vehicle eliminates that frustration and give you the opportunity to relax while your vehicle is on its way to you. 

If you need more information on auto transportation or to learn more about the benefits of auto transportation then contact us today! We can provide you with information as well as a free quote on the shipment of your vehicle.